Renting Metered Equipment: 3 Facts You Should Know

Are you planning to rent metered equipment, such as a backhoe or excavator, for the first time? If so, there are a few facts that you should know before picking up your rented equipment.

Fact 1: The Length Of Your Rental May Not Be The Same As The Length Of Time You Can Use The Equipment

When people rent heavy equipment for a day, they often assume that they will have use of this equipment all day. Consequently, renting this equipment for a single day will often seem more than sufficient when completing a rather basic task, such as excavating a small area in their yard.

Unfortunately, far too many people don't find out until they pick up their equipment that this daily rental only entitles them to actively use the equipment for a standard eight hour workday. This is because metered equipment rentals not only dictate how long you have to return the equipment, but also how long you are able to use this equipment while it is in your possession. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep this time restriction in mind when deciding how long you will need to rent the equipment for.

Fact 2: Most Rental Companies Only Provide A Short Transportation Allowance

When determining how long you will need to rent your equipment for, it is important that you take transportation time into consideration, especially if you live more than a few miles from the rental company. This is because most equipment rental companies will only offer you a short transportation allowance before any active use of the equipment will be counted against your metered time for the day.

For instance, it is quite common for rental companies to offer a 20 minute window for you to transport the equipment to your work site before your daily rental hours begin. This means that if you live an hour away from the rental company, 40 minutes of your total travel time will be deducted from the time you have to use that equipment. Taking this into consideration will allow you to ensure you are choosing the right rental terms for your needs.

Fact 3: Operation Of Your Rented Equipment May Be Limited To Just You

Many rental companies will limit the number of people who are able to operate the equipment while it is in your possession. This is especially true in cases where a special certification is required in order to operate the equipment, such as with a forklift. If you allow anyone who is not listed on your rental agreement to operate the equipment, you will be held liable for any injuries or damage that result from this unauthorized use.

In order to ensure you remain within the terms of your rental agreement and avoid any potential lawsuits, it is important that you plan your work schedule around the fact that you may be required to operate this equipment by yourself. This means that if you were counting on your entire family taking turns to get the job done faster, you may need to add an extra day to your rental in order to ensure you are able to complete this job on your own instead. Contact a company like Thompson's Grand Rental Station Inc for more information.