Shed A Little Light On Your Sales: Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Store

As a retail store owner, it's important that you recognize the effect that lighting will have on your customers, your sales and the success of your business. In addition to seeing your retail store as your business, you need to see it as an experience. Your goal is to make sure that your floorplan make shopping inviting and easy, and your lighting maximizes the experience for your customers. Here are some tips to help you make the best possible lighting choices for your store.

Why Lighting Matters

Anything that engages the senses can also evoke emotion. If you want to reach your customers on this type of level, you need to capitalize on every one of the senses, including vision. The many dimensions of lighting can make shopping a multi-sensory experience. The right light choices can not only lead to even distribution and clear, bright visibility, but they can also help your customers feel confident and comfortable in your store.

Focus on Contrast, not Bright Light

It's easy to think that you need to make your retail space as bright as possible to draw in customers. When your lighting is too bright, it's actually going to cause harsh light that can cause your customers to feel uncomfortable. Additionally, excessive bright lighting can cost you more in energy consumption.

Instead of filling the space with bright lights, aim for lighting contrast instead. When you have contrasting levels of light around a display or product, it will naturally draw attention. One of the best ways to do this is to add accent lighting strategically around the store.

Think Vertical for Defining Boundaries

The best way to spotlight the floorplan and make the store layout clear is to add vertical lights. Consider adding light posts as well as installing a series of lights on pillars to create vertical, elevated light. Accent lights are often more noticeable when you're adding them around vertical lighting, too, which could increase sales on your spotlight products.

Embrace Color in Your Lighting

As with the sense of smell, splashes of color can emotionally sway customers. With the addition of color to your lighting, you can create most any feeling you desire in your space. For example, opting for cool lighting hues and cool colors, such as bright whites, you can make the store space feel more open and bigger.

If you're trying to create a more intimate vibe in the store, opt instead for warm colors and warm lighting choices. These colors are often popular for stores that are more focused on building a personalized, emotional experience for customers. If you own a store in a niche market, this may be an important consideration for you.

Since light is such an important part of the sensory experience, you shouldn't underestimate it. With the tips here, you can consider your store's lighting from a different perspective and potentially improve your business with the right choices. Talk to your local lighting experts, such as commercial lighting, for more information.