Four Siding Solutions For A Different Look With Vinyl Siding

When you think about vinyl siding, you may think about the conventional slat-type siding that is installed on homes; it is available in many other styles. Vinyl can be a great solution for modern craftsman-style homes with shake and board-and-batten features too. There are also wide frieze-boards and other materials that can be used with any vinyl siding installation. Here are four things that you may not have known could be done with vinyl materials:

1. Using Vinyl For Shakes Siding

There are many different style homes that may feature shake siding. This does not have to be done with real shake materials. There are things like cement fiberboard products and vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can be a great solution for siding details on areas like roof gables. It will also help to reduce costs because it is a material that costs less than the other options, and can be installed quickly and easily.

2. Board-And-Batten Vinyl Siding Products

Board-and-batten is another classic siding look, which can be accomplished with vinyl products. This is a vertical type of siding that will look great on a straight wall surface. It can be a great material use on craftsman-style homes. If your home is brick or stucco, it can be a great material to use for a contrasting look on areas like porches and entrances.

3. Window Trim And Cornice Details With Vinyl Materials

Vinyl materials can also be used for the trim around windows, or for cornice details on the eaves of your home. There are vinyl frieze-boards available, which can be different sizes to give your home a unique look. Adding a wide frieze-board to things like gable ends will help make these areas standout. With vinyl, the frieze and be used for other free-form details and curves in the exterior design of your home.

4. Combining Vinyl Styles For Exterior Design Details

The different vinyl siding materials can also be used for exterior design details. For example, a material like board-and-batten can be used on one area of your home, and then shakes can be used for another area like a gable end or a bay window.

This can be combined with different frieze and trim details to give your home a unique look.  There are also vinyl materials that can be used as wraps for column supports on porches, or keystones around windows and other architectural details you want to add to your home.

These are some different looks that you can get with vinyl materials, which will also be virtually maintenance-free. If you want to do one of these things with the siding on your home, contact a vinyl siding contractor and ask them about some of these materials. To learn more, contact a company like Don Snider Roofing with any questions or concerns you have.