For Weather That’s Frightful, You Need A New Gas Or Oil Furnace That’s Delightful

Over time, even the best gas or oil furnace will start to lose its edge, costing you more in repairs and energy bills. When you get tired of dealing with the expense and the breakdowns and decide it's time to buy a new furnace, you're in luck. Not only have today's furnaces become more compact, they also use innovative technology to give homeowners complete control of their heating systems.

There are significant ways a new gas or oil furnace will delight you:

The energy efficiency of new units is incredible.

When you shop for furnaces, look at the yellow stickers that display the energy rating for each unit. If the number says "97%", it means that 97 cents of every heating dollar you spend using that unit actually goes to produce heat. That's amazing efficiency.

Part of the reason some of these new units are so frugal with your money is that they have variable-speed fans installed, which can more precisely and efficiently deliver heat to each room by using a minimum amount of power.

Another efficiency feature of new furnaces is the two-stage heating design. A single-stage furnace runs at full blast whenever it kicks on, but a two-stage furnace will deliver heat at a lower BTU rate at first, and only kick into the second, full-capacity stage if the first stage can't get the temperature up to thermostat level. This saves energy by only delivering the heat you need on warmer days.

New furnaces have add-ons that enhance your home's atmosphere.

When you have a new furnace installed, you can choose extra features to meet the needs of sensitive family members.

For those with severe allergies, there are air purification systems. For those who suffer in winter from itchy skin or dry coughs, there are inline humidifiers.

Additionally, the newer systems are quieter, meaning you won't have to turn the volume up on the TV every time the furnace kicks on.

New furnaces are easily integrated into smart-house systems.

Today's homeowners often live fast-paced lives. They do everything with their smartphones, from ordering dinner to checking the weather.

With whole-house management systems, you may now use your smartphone or computer - while you're still at work - to manage your furnace back at home. You can turn up the heat before your kids get home from school, remotely lock them out of using the thermostat to keep them from setting it too high, and then use your smartphone to turn the furnace back down after they head off to ball practice.

You'll also receive alerts if the furnace malfunctions, giving you a heads up before a problem becomes serious.

This intelligent home technology is integrated with other products like door locks, interior and exterior lighting, and alarm systems, so you have nearly complete control over your home's safety and comfort no matter where you are.

If you've been suffering with a cranky, sputtering, unreliable furnace for a while, you're truly going to be delighted with a new trane furnace that's efficient, quiet and really, really smart.

When it's awful and bitter outside, you'll be so cozy and warm inside, you'll wonder why you didn't replace that clunker sooner..