Four Truck Modifications You Need For Your Lawncare Business

You can start a lawncare business with little more than a truck and lawnmower, but eventually you will amass more tools as you find them necessary. Adding a few custom modifications to your truck will make it more useful and allow you to perform your job more efficiently.

#1: Protect the Bed

The bed of your truck will see the most wear and tear, whether you use it to transport equipment or to hold lawn trimmings on the way to the dump. Scratches causes by equipment and debris aren't just unsightly, they also make your truck bed more susceptible to rust. A bed liner is your best defense.

Skip the rubber mats and instead opt for a spray-in or drop-in liner. A drop-in liner is preferable if you normally haul fairly light loads, such as push mowers or debris. You can also replace them easily if they become damaged. A spray-in liner is permanent, but it won't crack beneath a heavier load. Both liner types leave your tie-down points exposed, but it's easier to slide items into the bed on the smooth surface of a drop-in liner.

#2: Add a Back Rack

Your back window is exposed to damage when you are loading equipment or carrying loads of large branches. A back window rack, sometimes called a headache rack, protects the window and the passengers in the cab from everything you're hailing in the bed. These metal grills cover the back window while still allowing visibility.

You can get a back rack on its own, or choose one that is integrated into a toolbox in the bed. The toolbox version expands your storage space, but it does eat up some of your available hauling room.

#3: Provide Some Easy Access

Ramps are a must if you're using the bed to tote your lawn mowing equipment. You have two choices. The simplest and least expensive is a separate lightweight loading ramp, which you prop against the tailgate to use, and then slide into the bed when you're ready to go.

For heavier equipment, a built-in tailgate ramp is the better option. This replaces the tailgate with a sturdier version, which folds down to create a ramp when you open it. The tailgate is also slightly taller than the factory version, which helps keep your load in place.

#4: Increase Your Storage

You need a place for the small tools – rakes, shovels, and everything else beyond the lawnmower. If you use the truck for debris hauling, you will also need a way to confine the load. Install truck bed racks for tools, or box walls to increase the height of your bed for debris hauling. If you use your truck for a combination of both, racks with removable box walls are also available.

When you start customizing, don't forget to brand your truck for your business. A simple decal or magnet on the doors will provide free advertising when you're working around town. Contact Jack's Bumpers for more information.