Addressing A Couple Of Your Pressing Questions About Drip Irrigation Systems

Having a beautiful yard or garden requires an intensive amount of watering, and for those living in areas where water shortages are a chronic problem, this can be a difficult task to do due to restrictions. Fortunately, you may be able to mitigate some of these issues by opting for a watering system that is much more efficient in its delivery.

To this end, a drip irrigation system will likely be your best choice, but if you have never used these systems, you may have a couple of questions before you decide whether or not to have one installed on your property:

Are There Health Benefits With Using Drip Irrigation For Your Plants?

While the ability of these systems to save water is well-known, many people do not realize that these systems can also provide their plants with some important health benefits. For example, these systems will usually encourage much deeper root growth. 

This occurs because these systems allow water to seep deep into the soil. In contrast, conventional watering systems deposit most of the moisture at the surface, and this will encourage the roots to stay near the surface. Shallow roots can cause your plants to be unstable in high winds, and it will limit their hardiness during times of drought because the roots will be able to absorb moisture from a much smaller area of dirt. 

Can These Systems Be Installed Around Existing Plants?

Many homeowners will be hesitant about installing this type of irrigation system because they are concerned that their existing plants will be severely damaged during the installation. While it is true that having existing plants can complicate this installation, it does not mean that these plants will have to be removed for this work to be done. 

Your contractor should have the tools needed to be able to excavate a trench just large enough for the irrigation pipe to be installed. While this may cause minor damage to the existing root structure, it will be kept to a minimum, and you can improve the healing process by administering a small amount of fertilizer. 

Installing a drip irrigation system on your property may be the best way to ensure that you are able to water your plants in an affordable way without using any more water than is absolutely necessary. Yet, these systems are often misunderstood, but learning about the health benefits these systems can provide your plants and that your existing plants will not need to be removed may make it far easier for you to make sound choices for your yard and garden.

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