3 Stunning Shower Designs

Your shower is more than a place to wash, or it should be anyway. A shower installation is a central piece of your bathroom design. Glass is a popular material in shower planning, especially when it comes to the enclosure. Utilize glass and design elements to transform your shower into the beautiful centerpiece of your bathroom.

Double Shower

Walk-in showers are replacing bath-shower combinations in many home designs. If you have enough space, consider planning for a walk-in shower big enough for two.

For cohesive purposes, keep the double shower as symmetrical as possible. For example, have two rain showerheads installed directly opposite each other. Have a bench and/or shower caddy installed exactly between the two.

One option for enclosing a double shower is an oversized glass door. If you choose this option, look for creative runners to give your door a more decorative appeal. Alternatively, have two glass panels installed equidistance apart to keep the installation open and airy.

Shower Room

One way to expand a bathroom is to move the shower out – or move it into its own room, such as a converted linen closet. A shower room offers the opportunity to transform your bathing into a spa-like experience.

A shower room starts with an all-time surface. The tiles don't have to be the same. However, Better Homes and Gardens suggests selecting colors that complement the rest of the bathroom, such as honey hues for yellow-based marble.

The shower room should include a tiled bench. Likewise, feel free to include as many wash options as you want, such as a rain showerhead and handheld option. Finally, complete the room with a customized glass door that creates a visual transition between the two spaces.

All Glass

While it's not technically possible to design your entire shower in glass, the more glass you include the more light refraction you get. Refracted light makes your shower appear to glitter.

For this design, start with glass tiles. These can comprise your entire surround or make up a border. For example, start with standard ceramic tile in a cascade of blues. Have them end in a border of clear glass that resembles the foam on top of a wave.

For such a shower design, a frameless shower enclosure is necessary. With a frameless enclosure, almost no metal is used. This means there's no lip on the entrance floor and no disruptive metal strips between glass panels. With a frameless glass enclosure, what's inside the stall takes center stage.

If you're planning a bathroom remodel, make over your walk-in shower with upscale appeal.

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