How To Keep Your New Pavers In Top Condition

If you just had pavers installed around your pool, yard or driveway this summer, and you want to keep them looking good for years to come, you'll need to take a few steps in order to keep your pavers looking great.

General Cleaning

If you want your pavers to look great, you'll need to clean them on a regular basis. At least once a week during the high traffic season, you'll want to take a broom and use it to sweep away any dirt or debris that has accumulated on your pavers. You can also use a blower to remove the dirt and debris on your patios in a quicker manner.

After you sweep or blow off your pavers, you'll want to use a hose to rinse off anything that remained behind. Do not use a pressure washer to clean your pavers; the high pressure of the water can wash away and loosen the grout and other materials that are holding your pavers in place. Stick to using your garden hose; it provides all the pressure you need to clean your pavers without inflicting damage.

Stain Prevention

Since pavers are made of concrete and concrete is a porous material, you should try to keep all liquids, other than water, away from your pavers. Your pavers can easily absorb liquids and become stained by them.

If an unwanted liquid does get on your pavers, your best defense is to react right away and do your best to clean it up. If you get oil, grease or clay on your pavers, try to sweep away any loose particles, then scrub the spot using a stiff bristle brush with dish soap and then rinse it off. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

If you spill food on your pavers, you can generally get away with just using a paper towel to mop it up, followed by a quick rinse of your patio.

If you get plaster, concrete or paint on your pavers, you'll need to use a professional cleaning product to remove these substances. Once again, the quicker you act the easier it will be to remove it.

Yearly Maintenance

Every year, you should apply sand plaster between your pavers. Sand plaster is also referred to as polymeric sand. Sand plaster is basically a form of grout that you can use to keep your pavers in place and that keeps the space in between your pavers clean and looking good.

Over time, the plaster between your pavers will get worn out and washed away, which is why you should update it at least one a year.  You can easily apply the sand plaster yourself or hire a paving company to do so for you.

If you want to keep your new pavers looking good for a long time, stay on top of sweeping and rinsing your patio whenever you use it. If an unwanted liquid or substance gets on your pavers, act quickly to remove it. Finally, reapply sand plaster in between your pavers on a yearly basis to keep them in place and looking great.

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