Three Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing

Although metal roofing is often dismissed by business owners as an outdated, cheap-looking type of roof, it actually brings a lot of benefits to both your budget and your environmental responsibility. It comes in a variety of styles, too, so having a metal roof doesn't have to look like the cheap "tin roof" that you may think of when someone suggests metal roofing to you. In fact, it can have a timeless elegance or a sophisticated modernity. But in addition to its looks, metal roofing can bring the following three benefits to your building, budget, and business credibility.

1. Lifespan

Any type of metal roofing lasts longer than traditional asphalt shingles or bitumen roofing. If you're used to replacing a roof every 15–25 years, metal roofing will put a stop to that for good. Even a "tin roof" can last up to 50 years, and steel or copper roofs can last even longer. As you can see, choosing a metal roof can quickly cut roof replacements in half. Putting a "cool roof" coating on the metal to ensure maximum reflectivity and protection from harmful UV rays can help maximize its lifespan even more.

2. Cost savings

In addition to all the money you're going to save on roof replacements, a metal roof can significantly lower your energy bills. This is because the reflectivity of a metal roof, especially if it's painted white or has a "cool roof" coating, allows it to absorb much less heat than does a dark asphalt shingling or bitumen roof. The roof then transfers less heat to the building, allowing the air-conditioning system to cool the space more easily and effectively. This both saves energy and reduces wear and tear on the air-conditioning system.

3. Environmental responsibility

Customers are more likely to trust your company and feel that you're deserving of their business if you make an effort to save the environment. Installing a "cool roof" is a big step in that direction and can be a major part of "greening" your building and your company practices. This means a metal roof can boost your public image and even your sales if you advertise it.

These three reasons demonstrate how much a metal roof has to offer your company. The listed benefits are only a sampling of the ways a metal roof can improve your business, your public standing, and your budget. To learn more about metal roofing, go to websites for local roofing companies.