Strange Noises From Your HVAC Systems And What To Do About Them

Noises can be one way that your HVAC systems tell you there is a problem. While you can rely on all five senses to help you determine what is going on, sound often alerts you of a problem even when you cannot see it. It is not uncommon to hear a noise coming from one of your heating or air conditioning systems from time to time, but you should be wary of strange sounds you have never heard before. By checking on the odd noises right when they happen, you could end up saving yourself tons of money and time by fixing the issue before it worsens. Here are some noises you should leery of and how to handle it. 

Whistling Noise

There are many times you could be hearing a whistling noise in the home, but if it is coming from the air filter, you need to pay special attention. This is most likely the result of a dirty filter that needs to be changed. If you keep the filter in there, your heating and air conditioning systems will have to work much harder than they should. Experts recommend changing your air filter every month or every 3 months depending on the type of system you have. To know for sure, you should check the manual for the unit. 

Clanking Noise

If your unit starts to sound off a clanking noise, you want to act immediately. This is usually the sign of a loose part in the unit. Since your HVAC unit comprises many movable parts, it is not uncommon for something to come loose. You want to be sure that you locate the loose part before it does damage to other parts of the system.

Rattling Noise

When you have an outdoor unit, you don't always hear the sound right when it starts. When you do notice a sound coming from your outdoor unit, you want to be sure that nothing is in or around the unit that shouldn't be there. Since the system is located outdoors, it is exposed to all sorts of elements. Everything from tree branches to animals can get caught up in the unit. If you hear a rattling noise coming from your system, this is most likely due to debris caught in the system. Call a local technician like Nu-Temp Associates Heating & Cooling to clean the unit and give it a tuneup.