3 Signs That You May Need To Dig A Deeper Well

If you rely on your well to provide you and your family with fresh, cleaning drinking water, coming to the realization that it might be running dry can be extremely upsetting. Luckily, there is an option -- digging your well deeper. You do not want to be taken by surprise, however, so it's important to know which signs to look out for. These are a few signs that you might need to dig a deeper well.

1. Your Faucets are Spitting and Sputtering

Have you noticed that your faucets and spigots are making strange sounds when you turn on the water? If they start spitting and sputtering, it's a sign that there is a lot of air in the lines. This air can come from the fact that there isn't as much water going through your pipes as usual, which can be an indication of a well that is running dry. Other problems can cause these noises too, such as an issue with your pipes, but you'll need to have the issue checked out as soon as possible so that you can take the right steps to ensure that your well will continue functioning.

2. Your Water Quality Has Changed

If you have always been able to enjoy fresh, clean, pleasant-tasting drinking water from your well, you might be pretty surprised if you suddenly find that your well water has a muddy, murky appearance. This can come from your well pumping water from the very, very bottom, which can be mixed with dirt and debris. Even if your water does not change colors, you might notice that it has an odd, rather unpleasant taste.

As soon as you notice that your water quality has changed, it is imperative to discontinue use and to purchase water for drinking and cooking until you're able to get the matter resolved. Someone from a well repair company can come out and determine if a lack of well depth is the cause of the change in your water.

3. You've Run Out of Water Before

If you have ever run out of water -- such as after filling up your kids' swimming pool or watering your lawn -- you should know that this could happen again, as there's a chance that your well is not as deep as it should be. Consider having the issue looked at immediately so that you can avoid running out of water when you need it the most.

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