Temperature Control In A Glass Room Addition

A glass room can make a delightful addition to just about any home. Glass allows you to enjoy the beauty of your yard while working or relaxing inside. Glass also lets in sunlight, which can lighten dark spaces and transform your home's interior. Unfortunately, the presence of sunlight in a glass room can also make temperature regulation a challenge. Knowing what you can do to regulate your glass room's temperature can help you maximize your comfort and enjoyment of the space. Many of the ways that you'll mitigate temperature control problems will occur at the time of your glass room's construction, but there are also some things you can do after construction has taken place.

Encourage Air Flow

Air flow inside your glass room should be a top priority at the time of design and construction. Work with your contractor to ensure that you're able to maximize air flow through your glass room during warm weather. Some of the best ways to encourage air flow in your glass room include:

  • Install a ceiling fan. In order to install a ceiling fan over the space, some part of your glass room's ceiling will need to be made of solid wall material (not glass). Work with your contractor to ensure that the solid wall ceiling panels over your glass room are well-insulated.
  • Install operable ceiling vents. Hot air rises, so it will be helpful to install ceiling vents that can open and let out the warmest air in the summer.
  • Include windows and a door to the outside. Being able to leave the windows and door open will help get fresh air into your glass room. Don't forget to request screens for your windows and doors.

Use Low-E Glass

Low-e coating reflects heat, which means that it blocks heat waves from entering your glass room in the summer and prevents heat from leaving your glass room in the winter. Using low-e glass on your windows will help keep the room a relatively even temperature throughout the year.

Install Retractable Solar Screens

Solar screens are frequently seen in coffee shops and restaurants with large windows. Solar screens help block some sunlight, which can keep the room cool, while still allowing people to see features of the landscape on the other side. Install solar screens along the ceiling of the glass room, and on some of the glass walls of the room, so you can keep the solar screens closed when temperatures outdoors are high.

Install a Retractable Outdoor Shade

Install a rigid outdoor roof shade that can be put down when the temperature outside is hot and the sun is intense. This doesn't have to be added on at the time of the glass room's construction, because this will be separate from the glass room itself. However, if you know for sure that you would like a retractable roof shade installed at the same time as your glass room, work with your contractor. Visit http://www.sauerandsons.com for more information.