A Few Simple Tips To Help Your Sprinkler System Avoid Problems

An automatic sprinkler system can greatly reduce the work involved with maintaining your yard. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many new homeowners may make mistakes when it comes to caring for these systems. As a result, they may inadvertently cause extensive damages or malfunctions with the sprinklers, but you can help to avoid these issues by making sure to use the following sprinkler system care tips.

Clean The Sprinkler Heads Each Spring

Over the winter months, it is possible for soil, grass and weeds to grow over the sprinkler heads. When this occurs, the head may not be able to raise when the system is activated. This can cause sections of your yard to go unwatered. It can also cause damage to the sprinkler head's seals due to the pressure of the water being unable to leave.

To avoid this problem, you should always test that the sprinkler heads can rise out of the ground when the system is activated. This is usually done through a test mode on the primary control panel. Additionally, you will want to closely observe the sprinkler system when it runs for the first time to ensure that none of the heads appear to be clogged. If you notice that a sprinkler appears clogged, you should turn off the system and use a small piece of wire to gently remove the clog from the spout.

Regularly Inspect The Yard For Areas Of Pooling Water Or Damp Soil

At least once a month, you should make a visual inspection of the yard to look for signs of pooling water or damp soil as this can indicate that the sprinkler pipes are ruptured or otherwise leaking. If you notice this problem, you should shut off the primary valve to the sprinkler system and contact a professional repair technician. This problem can lead to extremely high water bills and the erosion of the soil, but you can help to minimize these problems and the costs of repairing them by contacting these professionals as soon as possible.

Properly Winterize The Sprinkler System

The winter months can pose a particularly serious threat to your sprinkler system. If there is water left in the pipes, it can freeze, which may lead to the water expanding enough to ruptures the pipes. To avoid this problem, you will want to ensure that you thoroughly drain the system prior to the first freeze, and check the sprinkler heads to verify that they are fully retracted into the ground. The exact steps for draining the sprinkler system will vary based on the manufacturer, but you will be able to find this information in the sprinkler system's owner's manual.

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