Running A Construction Site And Think Water Is Contaminated? Information You Should Know

If you run a construction site, you need to make sure all of your employees have enough drinking water. If you do have water, you need to make sure it does not become contaminated while on the site so you and your employees do not become sick. Below are signs that your water is contaminated, symptoms people will have if they drink it, and how it can be treated.

Signs Water Is Contaminated

In many cases, you can tell that water is contaminated simply by using your senses. If the water starts tasting different, smelling different, or looking different, then it may be contaminated. The water may look cloudy or foamy or have a reddish or brownish tint to it. You may smell an earthy, bleachy odor or the smell of rotten eggs.

If you notice any of these things, you need to have the water tested by a water treatment company before anyone drinks or uses the water for any purpose. You can call the water treatment company and they can come to your site to take a sample of the water and take it back to their laboratory. If it is found to be contaminated, you will need to have it treated.

Symptoms of Drinking Contaminated Water

You should know what symptoms to watch out for in case your employees drink contaminated water. This will allow you to get them the help they need. Some of these systems include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramps

How severe the symptoms are is determined by the general health and age of the person, the amount of water that is drunk, and the type of contaminant in the water.

Mobile Water Treatment for Construction Sites

One way to get your water treated that is very convenient for you is by a mobile water treatment service that is especially used for construction sites. During the first stage of treatment, the water treatment company will remove any particles that may be suspended in the water by using a filtration system. The next step in the process is purifying all bacteriological contaminants and heavy metal. The water may be boiled at a very high temperature to remove any other contaminants that may be in the water. When the process is completed, you will have water that is at drinking quality standard. These companies comply with all environmental handling and regulations so you can be sure the water is safe to drink.

The water containment company can get to your site quickly and at any time day or night. For more information about your options, contact a company like Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC.