How To Easily Remove Worn-Out Double Hung Windows From Your Home

If you have some old double-hung windows that you need to remove in order to install newer windows, here is what you are going to have to do to remove your old double-hung windows yourself.

Gather Supplies

You don't need very many supplies in order to remove your old double-hung windows from your home. You are just going to need a putty knife, razor blade, scissors and a pry bar. You may also need someone to assist you with the project. This project is one that even someone new to do-it-yourself projects could complete; you just need to know how to safely use sharp tools. Remember, when using sharp tools, you should never bring the blade in the direction of your body and you should always be careful.

Step #1: Score The Window Edges

The first thing you need to do is score the edge of the windows where paint and caulking meet your window. To score the edge of your windows, all you need to do is take either a razor blade or your utility knife and cut right down the middle of where the paint and caulking meet with your window. You are going to need to score the outside edges of your window as well as anywhere else on the window where you see paint or caulking. This will make it easier to remove the window.

Use a putty knife and insert it in between the scoring that you did, and use it to pry the sides of the window off.

Step #2: Take Away The Balance Cord

The second thing you need to do is remove the balance cord that assists the window open up and down. Many older double hung windows have these cords; newer windows do not. Cut the cord using your knife or razor blade. After you have cut the cord, locate the weights that are attached to the cord. They will most likely be near the bottom of your window since the cord has been cut. Remove both the weights and the cord from the window. Depending on the design of the window, there may be a two cords that you need to deal with.

Step #3: Remove The Bottom & Top Sash

Third, you need to take the bottom sash out of your double hung window. A sash is just a fancy term for the window pane. Start by removing the bottom sash. You should be able to easily lift the bottom sash out of the frame of the window now that the balance cords have been cut.

For the top window sash, you may have to remove the wooden frame surrounding the top sash. Use your crowbar to pull the wood frame off and remove the top sash.

Once you complete the third step, clean up the work area. You should have removed enough of the window at this point for your window tech to easily come in behind you and install your new energy efficient double-hung window. 

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