Tips For Upgrading The Physical Security Of Your Home

If your home is located in an area that is seeing an increase of personal property crimes, then it is vital that you take steps to protect your family and belongings from break-ins. While home alarms and security cameras are good deterrents for crime, it is also important to take steps to physically protect your home. To this end, here are some home upgrades you can make that will add extra layers of security for your family:

Install a Security Screen Door

If you like to open your home's front door to let the sun and fresh air inside, then you should install a security screen door. A properly installed security screen door allows your family to stay safe while keeping the door open and will also help save you money on your power bills.

Install Solid-Core Metal Exterior Doors

One of the best things you can do to protect your family inside of your home is to install solid-core metal exterior doors. Solid-core metal doors are impervious to being broken through or kicked in by a criminal.

Additionally, all of the exterior doors on your home must have deadbolt locks installed on them. Since the metal door will prevent someone from getting through the door, a quality deadbolt lock will prevent someone from being able to kick the door in.

Install Hollow-Core Metal Interior Doors

To add an extra layer of safety for your family while inside of your home, you can install hollow-core metal doors inside your home. This type of door prevents a criminal from breaking through the door as is possible with a hollow-core wood door, while still being a light and stylish option inside of your home.

Replace Your Garage Door if It Has Windows

If your garage door has glass panels in it, then you have a security problem. Since garage door glass panels are typically large enough for a teenager or skinny person to climb through, they are a target area that someone can use to break into your home. To eliminate this risk, you should replace the garage door with one that does not have any glass panels. Additionally, you should always keep your garage door locked when it is not in use.

Install Bars or Impact Resistant Glass on All Exterior Windows

Finally, since the windows of your home offer large spaces for criminals to breach your home, you have two choices to make your them safer:

  1. install exterior security bars
  2. replace the windows' glass with impact resistant safety glass

If you do not like the look of grate-style iron bars on the outside of your windows, then replacing their glass with impact resistant safety glass will prevent them from being easily broken by a criminal.