Concrete Custom Floors And Surfaces On A Budget And The Care They Need

There are many ways to finish concrete to create the look of custom floors. The difference from other materials is that it is less costly to give concrete a custom finish. There are also practical benefits to finishing concrete for your custom floors, such as a durable and easy-to-clean finish. Here are some of the different options for custom concrete finishes and what you need to do to care for them:

The Different Options for Custom Concrete Finishes

Custom concrete finishes are used for durable flooring indoors or for outdoor pavement surfaces. Using concrete finishes for flooring in large open spaces is often more affordable than using conventional flooring materials. Outside, concrete stamping and other finishing techniques also provide and affordable alternative to conventional pavement. Some of the things that you may want a custom concrete finish for include:

  • Durable, water resistant flooring in basements and garages
  • An affordable alternative for flooring in large open spaces
  • Affordable custom pavements for outdoors and landscaping

With custom concrete finishes, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and create any type of flooring surface both inside and outside.

Caring for Your Custom Concrete Floors as They Age

Custom concrete floors are a great alternative for unique floors, but they need maintenance and occasional repairs. You will want to regularly clean the finish, which adding a protective sealant when you clean will help reduce wear. Sometimes, harsh chemicals, chips and cracks in the concrete will need repairs as well. Sealing the floors helps protect them from most damage. Some of the care and repairs that your new concrete finish will need include:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Applying protective sealants
  • Dealing with stains and fading

With a good maintenance routine, concrete finishes are more durable than other flooring materials. Count on your floors needing an occasional repair to ensure they last for years.

The Occasional Repairs and Refinishing of Custom Concrete Finishes

Even with a good maintenance routine, your custom concrete finish will eventually need an occasional repair. To ensure repairs to concrete are done right and last, contact a concrete repair contractor. The repair service will seal any cracks and chips, restore colors and apply a new protective sealant. Some of the concrete finish repairs that a foundation repair contractor can help you with include:

  • Chips and crack repairs
  • Restoring faded colors
  • Finish and application of clear sealants

These are some of the options for custom concrete floors and what needs to be done to finish them. Contact a natural rock service like Southwest Brick & Fireplace and ask about products to use with your concrete and stone projects.