Solving A Garage Door Blinking Light Issue

If you use your garage door regularly, then you may be shocked when the door suddenly stops working. There are a wide variety of reasons for a sudden failure. If you notice that a red light is blinking at you as well, then keep reading to find out what the issue may be. 

It May Be Locked

There are certain instances where you may want to lock your garage door so it stays in the upright or closed position. For example, if young children are visiting your home, then it may be safer to lock the door so your visitors cannot play with the remote. Unfortunately, sometimes the locking will occur by accident or someone will forget they did so.

In most situations, only the remote is locked and the panel near the door will work with your designated code. Punch your code into the keypad to see if it works. If it does, then you should turn off the locking function. The lock button may be on the door panel itself or on the garage opener. Typically, the word lock will appear near the button, so look for this. Press the button and the light on the opener should blink once or twice to indicate that the lock function has been disengaged.

If for some reason the garage door does not close when you punch in the numerical code, then there is a good chance that the opener has been disengaged with the manual pull cord. The cord will need to be re-engaged, so check the user's manual. 

The Sensors Are Out Of Sync

Sometimes the failing garage door opener will be caused by an issue with the alignment of the safety sensors. The sensors are the small infrared releasing and receiving beams that sit just on the bottom of the garage door. These sensors must interact with one another and sense that the beam is hitting the opposing lens. If it does not, then the feature thinks there is an object blocking the path.

Some garage doors will lower a small amount, while others will not lower at all. If you have the type of garage door that does not lower at all, then it may be difficult to tell that the sensors are the issues. To fix the problem, make sure to align the sensors using a level. Most of the sensors can be shifted with your hand, but you may need to loosen a screw or two to get the sensor positioned correctly. Also, make sure that the sensor is wired to the control unit. Sometimes the unplugging of the sensor will cause the garage door to fail.

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