tips for Lowering Your Energy Bills

As a homeowner, you want to be sure that your home is functioning as efficiently as possible. However, sometimes, you need to take steps to intervene in your home to make that happen. If you are looking to lower your energy bills and increase your home's energy efficiency, there are many ways that you can go about that task. Get to know a few of the ways that you can improve your home's energy efficiency and lower those energy bills so you can get started as soon as possible. 

Consider Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you have an older home, chances are you might have a crawl space underneath your floors. Crawl spaces were designed to help with ventilation and to allow access under the floors to certain pipes and other elements of your home that would otherwise be difficult to access. However, most people rarely or never use their crawl spaces. 

And the problem with crawl spaces is that this added ventilation can also lead to problems with energy transfers. Because crawl spaces allow air to travel through them, hot or cold air can escape your house while air from outside can seep into your home through the floors. This can make for a major contributor to your energy bills. 

One of the ways you can combat this issue is to have a crawl space encapsulation performed. Crawl space encapsulation means that insulation will be installed inside of the crawl space along the walls. This essentially seals off that ventilation that occurs from the crawl space and prevents energy transfer to and from the house.

Think About Spray Foam Insulation in Your Attic

If you have an attic that you do not use or access, one of the best ways to insulate your house (and therefore lower your energy bills) is by installing spray foam insulation in the attic. Spray foam insulation is one of the best insulating materials because of the way that it is installed and its physical properties. 

The foam starts out as a liquid that is sprayed onto the surface of your attic walls and space. Within a matter of only a few seconds, the foam expands several times over (as much as 30 times) its original size. This means that it expands into cracks and crevices throughout your attic creating a complete seal from the outside. This type of insulation will dramatically improve your attic's energy efficiency and can have a significant impact on your energy bills. 

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can best lower your energy bills, you can get started on your home improvement projects as soon as possible.