Why You Should Install A Pergola Over Your Backyard Patio

If you're looking to spruce up your backyard patio, so more people want to spend time at your house during the warmer months, you need to consider installing a pergola over the space. If you don't think a pergola can work well in your yard, check out these four reasons you need to consider installing one soon.

They Provide Shade

The best time to be outside is on those warm, sunny spring and summer days. However, after too much time under the hot sun, you begin to become uncomfortable, making everyone want to retreat back inside to the cool house. However, having awnings can also be frustrating because guests may feel blocked in or unable to really enjoy the sun. Pergolas make great middle ground by creating a shady spot for guests to sit, while still being able to enjoy the sun beams streaking through the pergola boards.

They Create a Space

One of the best ways to make people want to spend time in your yard is by creating spaces. If you have a space that is clearly defined for cooking and eating, with a grill and table, people know that's where they eat. However, if you simply have items scattered about your yard and patio, it confuses guests. Having a pergola creates an automatic space the same way an awning would. Once you decorate it with a lounging or eating area, the space is completed.

They Provide Floral Support

Pergolas alone are beautiful, especially when created with designs and decorations. However, many are designed to provide floral support, especially for climbing plants. This gives your yard a different dimension by having flowers grow vertically. It can also add beauty to the space you want to create, and the plants growing around the beams on the top of the pergola help provide even more shade.

They Come in Many Materials

Luckily, pergolas come in many materials, so you can find the perfect one for your yard and budget. Common materials include wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Knowing the various pros and cons of each material will help you choose the best one for your project. For example, if you want a cheap, low-maintenance option, choose vinyl. On the other hand, wood is also affordable but requires more maintenance, especially if you let climbing plants grow around the wood.

A pergola is an excellent option for anyone looking to add style to their backyard. With a pergola, you can define space and create complex landscaping. For more information about pergolas, patios or other backyard décor, contact a contractor in your area today.

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