Renovation Tips For Your Co-Op That Avoid Major Remodeling Work

When it comes to renovating your co-op, you have a number of choices. There are some major changes you can make, but these will often create a huge bill. If you are looking to do some renovation, but don't feel like outlaying a huge amount of money, then you will probably look to avoid major remodeling work. While a total gut job is often one of the first things people consider when thinking about renovating their co-op, there are less invasive (and less expensive) options to consider. So if you are not looking to tear down walls and open up rooms, consider these more affordable ideas, which are faster to complete and lessen the amount of time contractors spend in your co-op.

New Wood Flooring

One of the fastest ways to create a whole new look for your co-op is to have someone install new wood flooring. Many homeowners find wood flooring the perfect way to create a beautiful and professional look, whether they are upgrading from carpet, linoleum, or tile flooring. It is a look that works well in all sorts of environments. A hardwood floor choice such as oak or maple not only looks great, but it also works great in nearly any room. Of course the living room and bedroom are perfect places to install hardwood flooring, but so are places like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can get the hardwood floor treated with a wax so that the flooring won't be susceptible to stains from household spills and accidents. Another consideration for installing wood flooring is that wood is less likely to cause problems with allergies than carpet is.

New Appliances

A second thing you can do is lightly renovate your kitchen by installing new appliances. If you have a kitchen full of old appliances, you can remove the old stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and microwave and have new ones installed. Consider large stainless steel appliances, and while you're at it, replace the sink with a newer, bolder option. Making these changes can completely transform a kitchen, especially if you've been dealing with a fridge that has lots of chips on the enamel. Replacing all your appliances will have the added benefit of allowing you to cook and clean more efficiently, and it will add value to your co-op for when it comes time to sell.

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