Info On Custom Fireplaces

If you want to have a custom fireplace installed in your home, then you want to learn about the different options you will have available with regards to the different styles and features. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a great-looking fireplace in your home. Here are some things that will help you along the way while you decide on the right fireplace for your living space.

You can choose different dimensions

One of the things you can choose from is different dimensions. You can go with one-, two-, three-, or four-sided inserts. You can also choose a bay view, a corner right, or a corner left design.

You can choose from different design features

You can choose to go with a fireplace that has an open front. When you go with an open-front fireplace, it means that you aren't going to have a glass door between you and that fire. With this type of fireplace, you want to have a screen put in front of the fireplace to help prevent those hot ashes from making their way out of the fireplace and into the living space where they can pose a danger to your home. One of the benefits to an open fireplace is that you can really hear that fire snap and pop, which can be a great sound to hear when you want to cozy up in front of the fire on a cold night. You can also smell the burning wood a bit more, which is a smell many people appreciate in the dead of winter.

You can choose to go with a fireplace that has a built-in glass door. You open the door to build the fire, then close the glass door once you have the fire going. One of the nice things about having a glass door is you can see every inch of the fire because there won't be a screen blocking some of your view. Also, if there is someone in the house that has breathing problems, then the fireplace with a glass door can be a bit easier on their lungs because more of the smoke is going to go straight up the flue. Also, there is the huge benefit of not needing to worry about those hot ashes popping out of the fireplace and landing on your flooring.

You can choose different accessories

If you have chosen an open fireplace, then you can choose from many different designs of screens. There are screens that come in a variety of colors, although you will find that black screens are the easiest to keep clean. You can choose screens with different shapes to them and that have different design elements added to them, which helps you achieve the exact look you want for your fireplace. You can also choose from a variety of fireplace tools, which include the poker, the broom, and the dustpan. They come in different designs and sizes and a variety of display cases or stands to keep them in.