Possible Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Commercial Building

When you operate a business, your employees and guests depend on a functioning plumbing system. A plumbing failure can be a serious situation if it puts the bathrooms out of use or if the water supply stops. Even something like low water pressure can be a major annoyance to your guests and employees. Water pressure that's too low may also affect how well some of your equipment, especially kitchen equipment, works. Low water pressure is a fairly common problem in commercial buildings. Here's a look at some of the causes.

A Bad Boost Pump

If your building is large, then it has a large plumbing system. Large systems often need a boost pump to increase pressure for sending water through all of the pipes. A pump can go bad for a number of reasons since it has several working parts, but when it malfunctions, the water pressure drops in your building.

Trouble With The Pressure Regulator

Some plumbing systems have pressure regulators on them that control the pressure in the pipes after it leaves the meter and enters the building. When the pressure is too low, the plumber can check the regulator and adjust it if necessary. However, if the regulator is bad, it might need to be replaced.

Corrosion Or Leaks In The Pipes

Bad pipes can also cause water pressure to drop. Scale and corrosion can build up on the inside of the pipes and cause the diameter to get smaller. When this happens, it can affect the pressure of the water in your building. If the problem is just scale from hard water, a commercial plumber might be able to clean out the pipes and save you from having to replace them. If the pipes are corroded and leaking, then the pipes may need to be replaced. Even if the pipes in your building aren't old, they can still develop leaks. A large leak or several small leaks can cause drops in the water pressure. A plumber can pressure test the lines to look for leaky areas and determine the best way to repair them.

Before you call a plumber to check your problem, call your local water office to see if the trouble is on their end. A sudden drop in pressure could be due to a broken water main or some other problem that the city has to fix. Any plumbing problems on your side of the meter have to be repaired by a commercial plumber, so if the city isn't experiencing problems with the water pressure, then call a plumber to fix the problem so that your employees, guests, clients, and customers stay happy.

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