Can You Paint Your Old Iron Railings?

You have a nice railing setup around your front porch, and the railing appears to be made out of iron. If so, you are going to be pleased as a homeowner because iron takes really well to refinishing processes, and it can be painted if you prefer. In general, the old iron railing will take on a rusted brown hue, which probably doesn't do much for the exterior of your home. If you have been eyeballing that rusty iron railing and thinking about painting it, there are a couple of things that you should know before you get started. 

The railing has to be properly prepared beforehand. 

Before you even consider applying paint to that rusty iron railing, you will have to go through the process of sanding down the surface. Rust is powdery, which means it does not adhere well to new paint. If you do not sand down the surface of the railing, a lot of your new paint will dry and flake away right after you get done with the railing. Use fine-grit sandpaper to go over all of the railings. If there is someone locally who does sandblasting, it can be well worth it to have the railing sandblasted so you have a nice, clean starting surface. 

Make sure you choose the right kind of paint. 

The paint that you pick to put on your railing is a big deal. If you go with something that is not designed to go over iron, you are going to end up with a sloppy end result and paint that looks uneven and bubbly. You should be looking for an exterior rust-inhibitive enamel paint that will not break down because of the contact with the iron. A lot of paints do not fare well with iron because of the metal enzymes that can interact with the paint once it is applied. 

Applying the paint can be a tedious process. 

Even if you get the best paint you can find for redoing your iron railing, it is going to be a tedious process to apply it. Most iron railing has multiple angles that will have to be painted, so if you are applying the paint by hand, you are looking at a project that is going to take a while to complete. If you can, track down a paint sprayer to use because this will make the application process a lot easier to handle. 

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