Transform Your Bathroom Into One That Boasts Country Appeal

Dark, dank walls, loud prints or paintings, and a bathtub that contains a chipped surface may be the last things that you want to encounter when you are ready to soak away your stress at the end of the day. If a country-themed bathroom intrigues you, make some changes to the restroom to assist with achieving the desired setting.

How Extensive Will This Remodeling Job Be?

Jot down some areas that you want to focus on and the materials needed to complete the remodeling project. If the baseboard and carpeting that are in the bathroom are in relatively good shape and will fit into the country theme, some cleaning may be all that you need to do to improve the appearance of each material. If there is damage present and a couple of pieces of tiling are cracked or a carpet is threadbare and contains large holes, purchasing replacement materials will be necessary.

Additionally, you need to determine which areas you will be comfortable with addressing. Purchasing some faux floral bouquets or a country stool that can be used in conjunction with the vanity's mirror may be tasks that you are eager to handle. Cleaning and reglazing the bathtub, however, may be something that you would like to receive some professional help with.

A reglazing project must be completed in stages and the glazing compound will require plenty of drying time, so this is definitely something that you may want to organize and orchestrate through the guidance of a professional. Repainting or repapering the walls may also prompt you to reach out for advice and help. Choose bright, cheery colors for the walls and use gingham or flower-printed curtains to complement the freshly-covered walls.

How Can Personal Accents Make A Difference?

Things that you have lying around your home or some simple crafting projects can be used to accent areas of the bathroom. If the room is rather large and there is ample space for a seating ensemble, a wicker chair and cushion may provide that rustic touch that you are craving.

If you have completed some cross stitch projects, frame a couple of the creations and use them as the replacements for the paintings that were previously hung from the bathroom's walls. There are countless ways to add homey, attractive touches to the room. Use your personal instincts and choose furnishings or decorative items that you find to be visually appealing.

For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling service.