The Emerald Ash Borer And What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Trees From Infestation

One of the most destructive invasive species that has affected trees is the emerald ash borer. This Asian beetle preys on ash trees and can quickly spread through healthy forest lands and kill the trees. Therefore, if you have ash trees on your property, you want to know how to spot an emerald ash borer infestation and deal with the problem. The following tips will help you deal with the emerald ash borer infestation that may be killing your trees.

Looking for Signs That You Have a Problem with an Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

When there are emerald ash borer infestations, sometimes there are signs of the insects that are visible on the surface. First, you will want to look for dead branches and areas of bark with boreholes. The holes are from the female beetles boring holes and laying the larvae in the trees. This is where the name ash borer comes from, and the trees with signs of infestation will need to be treated or removed.

Natural Predators That Will Prey on Ash Borers and Help Keep Infestations Under Control

One of the problems with invasive species is that there are fewer natural predators. This means that other animals do not prey on insects like ash borers and problems get out of control. One of the methods that can be used to control these problems is to introduce natural predators that will eat the insects and their larvae to help keep problems under control.

Removal of Infested Trees to Prevent Hazards and the Spread of the Infestation to Healthy Trees

When insects like the emerald ash borer attack trees, these problems often spread quickly and cause hazards. The trees that have been infected by the insects often need to be removed to help prevent the spread of insects to healthy trees. After a tree has been removed, watch for problems with healthy trees to catch future problems before they kill the trees.

Areas with Emerald Ash Borer Quarantines and Dealing with Waste When Trees Are Pruned or Removed

If you have a problem with emerald ash borer infestations, there may be a quarantine of the affected areas. This means that there are restrictions for dealing with insects and waste like tree cuttings or debris due to removal. If you need to deal with the waste, the materials can be burned or dealt with by the tree service.

Catching problems with invasive species in time will help to reduce the chances of the spreading and can save healthy trees. If you think your property has an emerald ash borer infestation, contact an experienced tree service for professional help dealing with the situation.

For more information about emerald ash borer prevention and treatment, contact a local tree service.