Thinking Of Finding Commercial Land To Lease And Starting A Franchise? What To Know

If you are looking to franchise a new business that you think would do well in your area but you aren't sure how to get an expensive commercial property or start the process, there are some things to get in order. You will want to look at industrial land for lease in your area that is zoned for commercial use.

Next, you will want to get the requirements and restrictions from the franchise that you want to invest in. From there, you will have to get a loan for the money. Take these steps.

Pick Your Franchise

Even if you think you know what business you want to franchise, you still want to explore all your options. This way, you know what all your opportunities are, and you may want to reconsider your choice. Get the necessary details for any franchise that's a possibility.

Consider an Industrial Land Lease

An industrial land lease may be the best option for you to build your business. The land lease provides the following benefits:

  • You don't have to come up with the money or financing for the property.
  • If the business doesn't work out, you aren't stuck with the land.
  • Get great centrally located property that is already owned.

Talk with a local real estate professional to find properties in your area that are available through this type of lease.

Acquire a Loan

Find out how you're going to acquire a loan for the franchise. There are many requirements, which can often include:

  • A lot of assets and equity in these assets
  • High credit score
  • Backup savings to cover the cost
  • Cosigner or partners
  • Large down payment

You will have to figure out if you can get approved to borrow the money needed or if you are willing to put up your own money to finance the business.

There are a lot of advantages to franchising a business when you want to be a business owner but you don't have a new or innovative idea of your own that you want to explore. You don't have to spend a fortune on a piece of commercial real estate to make this happen; instead, you can lease the commercial property to move forward with your plan. Figure out what business that has franchise options will be the best option for you, and then move on from there to make your goals your reality and a financial success.