Pool Features To Show Off Your Hillside Design

When you have a sloped yard, especially a steep slope, you may feel like your swimming pool options are limited, if not non-existent. Well, thanks to technology such as pool rebar installation and other reinforced steel, you can install a pool into a sloped yard. Indeed, you can use the hillside to show off your pool design. Consider the following features for your hillside pool.


A waterfall is one pool feature that's especially suited for a hillside design. To make a waterfall in a flat yard, the contractors have to build up one edge of the pool anyway. They then create the custom waterfall with a system of reinforced steel, concrete, and whatever facing material you choose.

The preexistence of a slope allows the waterfall to take advantage of its hillside position. The contractors don't have to build up one edge of the pool since it's already raised. They still construct the rest of the waterfall the same way.

Vanishing Edge Pool

A vanishing edge pool is another installation that can make use of a natural slope. These pools consist of an edge that's lowered, which gives the appearance of a pool with no boundaries. When you see them from the ground or from certain angles, the water seems to continue into infinity.

The effect is best when the vista also seems to recede. So, as with waterfalls, contractors often build up an area of the yard to create the needed elevation, in this case for the view. However, the hillside yard already has the needed elevation. A vanishing edge pool could be a real wow-worthy addition in a sloped yard because of those views.

Raised Spa

Many custom backyard pools feature a terraced approach. The designers locate features on different levels even when the yard is flat. One element they often raise is the spa. They'll incorporate the spa into the pool as a whole but use a system of rebar and concrete to elevate it above the waterline.

The contractors will still have to use concrete reinforced with rebar even for your hillside yard. However, the slop of your yard will afford you spectacular views for when you're soaking.

Glass Pool Wall

A similar idea is the glass pool wall. With this water feature, the contractors replace one wall of the pool with heavy-duty tempered glass. You get a cutaway view into the water. It's a very elegant feature.

You see the glass pool wall with the raised spa, but it's more common when the pool itself is on a higher slope, which is why it's ideal for hillside design. In flat yards, the contractors have to build up the foundation underneath the pool to create enough elevation to see the glass wall.

Turn your hillside yard into a spectacular pool getaway.