Recommendations For A Protected And Well-Sealed Home Roof

The integrity of your roof plays a big part in the quality and protection of your home. One small area of damage to your roof, whether it is in flashing or on the underside of the eaves in the soffit, can lead to some serious interior moisture damage with mold and mildew growth. Here are some ideas and tips to help you keep your home and roof in the best condition for a well-protected property.

Complete Your Own Upkeep

A big part of keeping your roof maintained and in good condition is to make small repairs to any problems that arise. When a small problem pops up on your roof, such as a blown off shingle or a missing piece of flashing after a storm, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Leaving it to remain broken or missing for any amount of time is leaving your roof exposed to moisture leaks and further damage.

If you have extra packs of shingles from the last reroofing project on your home, use one to replace the missing shingle. Otherwise, you will need to order a matching pack of shingles. Be sure you use the full amount of nails to reattach the shingle beneath the shingle positioned above it. Don't apply the nails through any existing shingles, as it will lead to moisture leaks. To replace missing flashing, you can purchase a new piece from a local home and garden store or a roofing supply.

If you notice part of your roof's fascia is bent and the soffit is hanging open to reveal the interior of your roof's overhang and the attic, this can leave your home and roof exposed to pest infestations from birds, wasps, and other damaging pests. Reattach the parts of your roof's overhang to seal it back up properly. If you cannot fully put the overhang back the way it needs to be, contact a roofing contractor to have them replace the pieces to reinstall your roofing protection.

Watch Runoff

As rainfall flows off your roof it needs to be diverted in a proper way, otherwise, your home can suffer from landscaping damage and moisture leaks into your basement and foundation. The rain gutters on your roof are just as important as your shingles and should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

If you need to replace any section of rain gutters, be sure you attach the gutters properly with the right attachment hardware so you don't damage your roof's surface and your shingles. Attaching the rain gutter hardware right into the top surface edge of your roof is not properly installed and not recommended. Your roofing professional can make sure your gutters are installed and they don't damage your roof.

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