Four Siding Solutions For A Different Look With Vinyl Siding

When you think about vinyl siding, you may think about the conventional slat-type siding that is installed on homes; it is available in many other styles. Vinyl can be a great solution for modern craftsman-style homes with shake and board-and-batten features too. There are also wide frieze-boards and other materials that can be used with any vinyl siding installation. Here are four things that you may not have known could be done with vinyl materials: Read More 

Energy Savings: Check Your Duct Work

If your utility bills seem high or if your HVAC system isn't heating and cooling your efficiently, a leaky duct may be the issue. Poor duct connections and holes can lead to a 20 to 30 percent air loss, which results in higher bills and less comfort in your home. Finding and sealing the leaks can solve the problem. When to Act The best time to check and seal your ducts is as soon as you notice a problem. Read More 

Top Reasons To Call A Safe Repair Technician

Do you have a safe at your home or office that you use to hold some of your most valuable assets? Maybe you hold your gun in there, the deed to your home, or some jewelry. Maybe there is nothing more in there than some important paperwork, such as birth and death certificates and social security cards. Either way, whatever you decide to place in the safe is obviously of significant importance. Read More 

5 Things That Can Decrease Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Your air conditioner can really make your cooling costs go through the roof during the summer. That is why you should do everything you can to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Here are five things that can decrease your air conditioner's efficiency. Hot Oven Whether you are baking cookies or cooking a roast, using your oven during the summer months is not a good idea. The oven will increase the temperature inside your home, forcing your air conditioner to work a lot harder to keep the air cool. Read More 

Shed A Little Light On Your Sales: Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Store

As a retail store owner, it's important that you recognize the effect that lighting will have on your customers, your sales and the success of your business. In addition to seeing your retail store as your business, you need to see it as an experience. Your goal is to make sure that your floorplan make shopping inviting and easy, and your lighting maximizes the experience for your customers. Here are some tips to help you make the best possible lighting choices for your store. Read More