Four Truck Modifications You Need For Your Lawncare Business

You can start a lawncare business with little more than a truck and lawnmower, but eventually you will amass more tools as you find them necessary. Adding a few custom modifications to your truck will make it more useful and allow you to perform your job more efficiently. #1: Protect the Bed The bed of your truck will see the most wear and tear, whether you use it to transport equipment or to hold lawn trimmings on the way to the dump. Read More 

For Weather That’s Frightful, You Need A New Gas Or Oil Furnace That’s Delightful

Over time, even the best gas or oil furnace will start to lose its edge, costing you more in repairs and energy bills. When you get tired of dealing with the expense and the breakdowns and decide it's time to buy a new furnace, you're in luck. Not only have today's furnaces become more compact, they also use innovative technology to give homeowners complete control of their heating systems. There are significant ways a new gas or oil furnace will delight you: Read More 

3 Possible Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Working Properly

There are a number of reasons why your hot water does not work or is limited. Your pilot light could be out, the pipes could be corroded, or the water heater could be too small. Knowing more about what could be wrong with your water heater is the key to getting it fixed quickly. Reason #1: Extinguished Pilot Light One of the more common reasons a water heater stops working is because the pilot light has been extinguished. Read More 

Four Siding Solutions For A Different Look With Vinyl Siding

When you think about vinyl siding, you may think about the conventional slat-type siding that is installed on homes; it is available in many other styles. Vinyl can be a great solution for modern craftsman-style homes with shake and board-and-batten features too. There are also wide frieze-boards and other materials that can be used with any vinyl siding installation. Here are four things that you may not have known could be done with vinyl materials: Read More 

Energy Savings: Check Your Duct Work

If your utility bills seem high or if your HVAC system isn't heating and cooling your efficiently, a leaky duct may be the issue. Poor duct connections and holes can lead to a 20 to 30 percent air loss, which results in higher bills and less comfort in your home. Finding and sealing the leaks can solve the problem. When to Act The best time to check and seal your ducts is as soon as you notice a problem. Read More