Questions You Need To Ask About Reoccuring Basement Flooding Problems

A flooded basement, especially if it's a regular issue, is nothing to ignore. Ask yourself these questions to determine the cause of your recurrent floods and how best to address the problem. Where Is the Water Coming From? There are three main causes of a flooded basement: Improper lot grading, which results in an exterior slope that routes outside water runoff into the basement. Foundation damage, such as cracks, that is letting groundwater inside. Read More 

Renting Metered Equipment: 3 Facts You Should Know

Are you planning to rent metered equipment, such as a backhoe or excavator, for the first time? If so, there are a few facts that you should know before picking up your rented equipment. Fact 1: The Length Of Your Rental May Not Be The Same As The Length Of Time You Can Use The Equipment When people rent heavy equipment for a day, they often assume that they will have use of this equipment all day. Read More 

Should You Lease Or Buy The Heavy-Duty Crane You Need For Construction?

Construction company owners and contractors often need to decide if they should lease or buy the heavy-duty crane they will need for their projects. There are advantages and disadvantages to both arrangements, so consider a few simple tips about each choice. This can help you to determine which is the best option for your needs. 1. Note how quickly the equipment will depreciate Depending on the type of jobs you will be using the crane for, it may depreciate very quickly. Read More 

Hydroseeding Helps Make Defensible Space Less Prone To Landslides

If you've just bought a home that's on a slope that the previous owners have ignored, you know how important it is to clear the land underneath your property (meaning the portion of the slope right next to your yard) of brush to create "defensible space." This is space that helps protect your home in case of a brush fire. However, clearing the land completely creates a landslide and erosion risk. Read More