Info On Custom Fireplaces

If you want to have a custom fireplace installed in your home, then you want to learn about the different options you will have available with regards to the different styles and features. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a great-looking fireplace in your home. Here are some things that will help you along the way while you decide on the right fireplace for your living space. Read More 

Shoot Time-Lapse Images Of Your Home Addition To Commemorate The Event

Planning an addition to your home can be a major undertaking, even if you aren't physically doing the work yourself. This process will involve a series of meetings with your contractor; shopping trips to pick out the flooring, paint colors, and fixtures that you want; and a lot more. When the addition is set to get underway, your work might be doneā€”but there's one more project that you can consider. Shooting time-lapse images of the work can require a bit of attention, but it's a fun project that will leave you with an end product that commemorates the addition. Read More 

4 Things To Do When You Enter Your Home After A Fire

The first time you enter a home after a fire, there are a few things that you are going to want to do to help minimize further damage and wear to your home. Make sure that you wait to do these things until the fire captain has deemed your home safe to re-enter; you never want to put your own personal safety at risk. Wear Gloves & Be Careful What You Touch Read More 

How To Clean Your AC

Just because your AC is blowing hot air doesn't mean that there's something seriously wrong with it. Quite often, the cause of the problem is an accumulation of dirt in some part of the system. This means that every AC owner should know one or two things about cleaning their air conditioning system. There are certain types of cleaning that may require air conditioning services; however, there is plenty that you can still do before you pick up the phone. Read More 

External Masonry Chimney Maintenance Guide

Damage to the external brickwork, or masonry, of your chimney can have a major effect on its operation. On brick or clay-lined chimneys, masonry damage can extend eternally, leading to dangerous liner cracks that can result in a chimney fire. This threat isn't as severe for metal-lined chimneys, but you still don't want the external chimney to fall down around the liner. The following guide can help you prevent damage and assess current damage so you know when to schedule maintenance. Read More