Strange Noises From Your HVAC Systems And What To Do About Them

Noises can be one way that your HVAC systems tell you there is a problem. While you can rely on all five senses to help you determine what is going on, sound often alerts you of a problem even when you cannot see it. It is not uncommon to hear a noise coming from one of your heating or air conditioning systems from time to time, but you should be wary of strange sounds you have never heard before. Read More 

Little Things You Do That Put Extra Strain On Your Septic System

Not everyone using a rural waste water system knows quite as much as they should about how it works, and what daily habits can be detrimental to it. Getting a handle on these things can help minimize the amount of maintenance needed to keep it working properly, and prolong its usefulness in the process. For the most part these are simple changes you can make in your daily life, without much in the way of added expense, but which can have a considerable impact on your septic system. Read More 

Three Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing

Although metal roofing is often dismissed by business owners as an outdated, cheap-looking type of roof, it actually brings a lot of benefits to both your budget and your environmental responsibility. It comes in a variety of styles, too, so having a metal roof doesn't have to look like the cheap "tin roof" that you may think of when someone suggests metal roofing to you. In fact, it can have a timeless elegance or a sophisticated modernity. Read More 

How To Clean A Blower Compartment

There are many possible problems that could form in your HVAC system. The first thing that most people look at is the actual appliance. For instance, if your home does not seem to be receiving as much warm air when the heater is on, it is natural to blame the furnace. In actuality, there are many other factors that could be hampering the operation of your heater. Finding the problem can often take a little bit of searching. Read More 

How To Keep Your New Pavers In Top Condition

If you just had pavers installed around your pool, yard or driveway this summer, and you want to keep them looking good for years to come, you'll need to take a few steps in order to keep your pavers looking great. General Cleaning If you want your pavers to look great, you'll need to clean them on a regular basis. At least once a week during the high traffic season, you'll want to take a broom and use it to sweep away any dirt or debris that has accumulated on your pavers. Read More